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Oh, the shame of it. I think I’m a bad mother.

My son, who’s 5, is obsessed with cars and his X-Box 360, so of course driving games are his all-time favorite form of entertainment. One of them is Burnout Paradise (which, gods help us, has unfortunately graced our household with its theme song, Guns ‘n’ Roses’ “Paradise City,” WAY too many times). It includes several cars that adults can easily recognize as knockoffs of famous vehicles from movies and television shows: Kitt from KnightRider, the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard, etc. It’s amusing.

One of them is a hovercar that’s an homage to the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. I’m awfully fond of Back to the Future (and yeah Huey Lewis too—wanna make something of it?), and I realized that my son might enjoy watching the movie. Heck, I thought, I would enjoy watching the movie—it had been quite a while since I’d seen it.

Strangely enough, it wasn’t available on iTunes and wasn’t coming up anywhere on the TiVo schedule, so I figured we could pony up the money to get a copy. I was sure that if we owned it, the kidlet would watch it enough times to justify the purchase.

So we picked up the DVD and popped it in late Friday afternoon. (more…)


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